Camp Yawgoog 2005
Among the most popular of all our camping destinations, we have compiled quite a list of resources to help out with Yawgoog planning.
Camp Yawgoog Website
Visit this site to find out the latest about Yawgoog. It will help answer many questions you might have about summer camp.

Yawgoog Information Guide for 2005
This give you all of the helpful information you need to be ready for your Yawgoog experience (includes a good checklist for what to bring)

Yawgoog 2004 Summer Brochure
Here's the scoop on everything you should expect at summer camp. It tells you what to bring, what to wear, and what you can do once you get there.

Detailed Map of Camp Yawgoog
This is a large map of the camp. It contains a detailed view of the entire campsite. (Note: it is much larger than a single page of paper. To get all of the detail, you will need to zoom out all the way)

Yawgoog Lessons Learned 2004
We have compiled a list of lessons learned for the adult leaders so that next year's trip will be even better.

Having a Successful Week at Yawgoog 2004
Notes for the adult leaders from the Yawgoog staff on key things to do in preparation for a successful week at Yawgoog

Yawgoog 2004 Medical Form
This important form must be completed for camp with information that is no more than a year prior to the start of camp.

Yawgoog 2004 Campsite Policy
Standard policies from the Yawgoog staff to help us out.