Popcorn - Trail's End Sales Campaign
This file contains information to help us prepare for and execute our October Popcorn Sales.
Popcorn Shift Schedules (MS Word)
Shift Schedules for Sunday, October 19th, as of 10/18/08

Popcorn Shift Schedules (MS Word)
Shift Schedules for October 18th & 19th, as of 10/13/08

Popcorn Sales Plan
This sheet provides a brief summary of the 5 recommended ways to sell Trail's End Popcorn.

Take-Order Sales Tips
This sheet provides important sales guidelines and safety tips for scouts selling door-to-door througheither Take Order or Show & Sell sales drives.

Old Colony Council Temporary Popcorn Order Form
All scouts are encouraged to participate in Take Order sales. This form may be printed by scouts that have not yet picked up their order form so you can start taking orders now. Please get your personal order form from the Popcorn Kernel, then attach your temporary order form with any orders taken and return it to the Popcorn Kernel at the end of the sales campaign, 5 PM November 1st. EVERY ORDER GETS US CLOSER TO OUR $10,000 GOAL.

Popcorn Fundraiser Supporter Signs
These are sheets of signs, one of which the customers can put on their front doors to help us eliminate the possibility of different scouts trying to sell to the same household. The scout can cut the sheet into 8 individual signs and provide one of these signe to each person who places and order during door-to-door Take Order or Show & Sell sales drives.

Location Sales - Supervisor Basics & Guidelines
This information is based on national Trail's End sales strategies and is provided to insure successful sales campaigns. This should be read by ALL adult leaders and parents providing support either through location set-up or location sales shift supervision.

Trails End Location Sales Script
Strongly promoted by Trail's End at the national level, this script is to be used by scouts when approaching a potential customer. It helps to insure that scouts provide key information and avoid asking the customer a question that can be answered with a 'No'. It is recommended that all adults and scouts practice this script and feel very comfortable with consistent delivery.